Welcome Back!

You know, Spring is here and that tends to mean it’s time to cleanup things around the house. Since I don’t have a house and therefore nothing to clean, it made sense to start here. I was trying to spruce up the site here and there since 2021 began, but I kept feeling like something was missing. If you know me, you know I grow tired of the same old routine very quick, so I set out on a mission to bring some light into the room (so to speak). After about 2 weeks of hardcore Photoshopping and CSSing, I now present to you the new and improved Shiaedoeu.com!

I literally mean it when I say, “bring some light into the room”. I found I was working with very dark colours, shadows, and effects for quite some time, which isn’t always welcoming and inviting. I just felt like it was time to rebalance my energies and stick to the whites and the pastels wherever possible to keep things feeling weightless. I’ve done so much more masking in the last few weeks than in the last several years; what a blast from the past. I’ve either gotten better, or I’ve learned not to care as much. Maybe the artwork has improved too? Thick lines baby.

I went back through and updated a lot of the sections that were lacking content and, in the process, added new sections as well. Some areas are still a work in progress, but I’m feeling pumped and motivated to keep working at this every other day. You’ll definitely be seeing more content from me as we head into summer (and apparently remain in an endless lockdown). As always, please see my Copyright page for credits to the original owners of borrowed content and the footers of each article.

I want to give huge thanks to the people in my life who stop by once a month to read what I write. Your feedback means the world to me. Ove the past year, I’ve been modest about sharing my work broadly, but I believe the time has come to reach more audiences. Please share my work with your friends and continue to check back for more interesting pieces. I have some collaborative ideas in the works and God-willing they will be a reality in the near future. Until then!

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