My Collective Works

Over the years, I’ve worked on several different projects with various strangers and friends alike, or just silly things on my own. Here is my collection of projects still available for viewing and/or currently still active.

Cooliestrips (2014-2016)

The Adventures of Felix and Babita were chronicled in a comic-like web publication titled ‘Cooliestrips‘. My best friend and I came up with the idea to use the Bitstrips platform (now defunct and functioning only as Bitmoji) to create this comic series using alter egos of ourselves. We had produced some funny jokes using our own identities in comics shared with close friends on Facebook and we found people really liked it, hence the idea to go large. We wanted the guise of anonymity and for the entire period the series was active, we never revealed our ownership of the social media accounts and stories. The scenarios we used for Felix (me) and Babita (her) were driven by our real-life situations and experiences. The reasoning behind the Cooliestrips name was to poke fun at the best parts of West Indian/Guyanese culture and ultimately make people laugh.

We debuted the first post on Instagram back at the end of 2014, keeping the pace of posting daily comics, then reducing the frequency due to the effort and time it took to make them. We climbed to 1.5K followers at some point with a good following of invested fans who would comment regularly. We occasionally did musical posts featuring our favourite songs and sometimes mini spinoff storylines here and there. In summer of 2016 after Bitstrips was acquired by Snapchat, it was announced that the platform would be shutting down. This gave us a small window of time to create a so-called ‘ending’ for the series that was just taking off in popularity. Our final post was in August 2016. The idea of continuing the series using another comic-generator was discussed, and even parsing together Bitmoji images onto various backgrounds, but it either wouldn’t have been the same or was just too much work for a side hobby. Avid fans were sad to see these hilarious characters go, as were we.

Although the project finished many years back, our Instagram and Facebook pages are still active and still receiving likes. It’s a fond memory that will live on for many more years to come and still make us laugh when we look back on it. Check out the feed below.