About Me

Sean Chanderballi

I’m not quite the “bibliography-writing” type (maybe one day if I publish an actual book), so I will keep this simple. My name is Sean and I was born and raised in Toronto. There are many things I can say about myself, but my wish is for you to know me through my writing. I have a lot of ambitions, ranging from wanting to travel more to finding the best career path, but for now my biggest goal is to keep writing and sharing stories with all of you.


I founded this site in 2012, but I’ve had many others before. I started learning HTML coding from a book when I was in 7th grade at a time when the internet was still only accessible through dial-up. How far we’ve come from those days, but I must pay tribute to all of those who’ve inspired me throughout the years. Sites like Three-Lights.net and Sailor Moon Center really fueled my love of design and multimedia hubs. I learned much about hosting and running forum communities from Sailormusic.net back in the day. I must give major credit to the now defunct site Lycentia’s SM Graphics (God bless the Wayback Machine, so you can still see it all!) for really guiding me through graphic design and integrating it into web layouts. Over the last 2 decades, I’ve frequently used Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Dreamweaver to build my sites, but my love of video-editing and audio-mixing helped me expand into many more directions. My final site prior to this was a vision that never quite took shape, but here we are, and I think with all of my experience and trial-runs. this is where I really get to show my all.

Sailor Moon

How could I not say something about this? If you didn’t already know, Sailor Moon is my all-time favourite show, my obsession, my dreams, and my ultimate satisfaction. From the 90s Anime to the 90s music, the musicals, the live-action, and the new Anime, I just love it all (though admittedly I was never that much into the Manga, though, I do very-much respect it having read some of the chapters). This being said, almost all of my websites have been themed around Sailor Moon and no doubt this one had to be too I’m so incredibly happy to know that three decades later this magnificent series is still going and is far from over. As Sailor Moon is fully licensed, please see my Copyright page for full credits.

Join The Team?

So, if you couldn’t already guess, no, there is no “team”. However, I’m very attracted to the idea of bringing on writers and artists who have an interest in sharing this space with me! I’ve had many joint projects over the years with many individuals all over the internet. Collaboration brings about remarkable results. If you think you align with my goals and tastes, please do not hesitate to Contact Me.