A New Beginning

Hello fellow reader, and welcome to my site. I am super excited to present my all-new space to the world-wide-web starting today! Although I’ve had this little corner since 2012, I never truly found a way to present what is most important: me. They say with age you gain wisdom, and I for one cannot deny this has been true for me so far. Over the years I’ve tried to design various websites and create a multitude of social spaces, but finding the time to keep up with these endeavors was always a challenge and finding a cause to believe in was also a recurring struggle. After a year of much soul-searching and personal evolution, I’ve come to find that it’s important to have balance in one’s life and simply working around the clock will not bring about true joy. That being said, this is a great opportunity to express myself and build my creative portfolio. There is much to share, and I cannot wait to embark on this journey with all of you, my audience.

I spent a lot of time looking into the best options for content-delivery, but in the end I decided to go with good ole’ WordPress once again. I didn’t know this prior, but the version of GoDaddy hosting I had was quite old; in fact, it was so old that there was no update support for it. I hadn’t realized that it was going on and it finally made sense why I hadn’t been able to expand this site’s capabilities. However, I’ve now joined the ranks of current PHP and what not, so this should be exciting.

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has supported me over the years throughout my many past initiatives (LA-Densetsu, J-Paul District, Sailor Moon UNIVERSE, etc…) and still continue to lend me support. Because it’s been about 15+ years of web-madness on my part, I expect I have to build a new following, but I’ve found since turning 30 that life has been about new beginnings all around.

Happy New Year to everyone! See you soon and often!

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