New Look, Who Dis?

A couple of weeks ago I had the great displeasure of having to place my beloved site into Maintenance Mode, and if you’ve been following my work so far, you might have been wondering WHY all of a sudden? Well, yours truly is a very picky man and when I was originally scouring WordPress‘ inventory for themes to build off of at the beginning of the year, I happened to go with one that really caught my eye, but also happened to be outdated. In my mind, I just figured that all it meant was that the theme would no longer receive new updates, so you’d be stuck with no new cosmetic options. It turns out I’m dumb, because what it really meant was one day WordPress would upgrade to a version that doesn’t jive with that theme, and that is exactly what happened. It was one of those things where it would have taken so much work on my part to understand what underlying things changed in the code and structure, so I immediately knew I had to scrap the old design.

Flash-forward to today where I bestow upon you all my newly customized theme! It’s not too different from the older one in terms of the header artwork and the colour scheme, but this has to have been my largest CSS undertaking thus far in life. So much investigative work and education went into the stylesheet this time around, but it was also easier for me to grasp and do things I’ve never done before. Does it mean I’m getting more code-savvy?

Anyway, my apologies for not having any August articles posted! I actually did write one, but there was no point in publishing it while the site wasn’t visible. And then weeks went by because I couldn’t decide on a new theme, and once I did, I had to really flesh out the vision. I will say, I enjoy doing things like finding code, changing code, and fixing code. Then there’s always a degree of Photoshop you get to through into the mix to make things pretty. On a personal note, it makes me wonder why I didn’t really pursue coding and design more in my career… maybe it’s time to re-evaluate.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support me. There are some pages here and there that still need fixing up, but I promise I’ll be back to publishing really soon!

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