I think a new post is way overdue, considering it’s July and my last post was back in April! I have a few different things planned for the next little while, but for now I want to take this opportunity to review one of the most anticipated games EVER: Watch_Dogs! I think it’s safe to say that Ubisoft has done it again; they truly understand what high-definition gaming is, and this game + PS4 = REAL NEXT GENERATION GAMING. Here are some reasons why this game deserves the money in your wallet:

The hero is talented and sexy.

One thing is for certain, Aiden Pearce (the ‘protagonist’) has the perfect voice and look, and we can thank fellow Canadian¬†Noam Jenkins for that. (P.S. Please watch THIS!) I find in a lot of recent video games, the main character (usually male) tends to be hideous or nothing to be admired, even vocally. I’ve often wondered why, but I suppose the obvious answer is that a male player (which we all know is the usual key demographic) does not need to look at a pretty face. I think this is a bit of an undersell when the reality is that females and gay males DO play games as well and might care for the eye candy. FOR A CHANGE, you get that here. Here we have a 40 year-old that one can actually crush on, with all that bad-boy and mysterious allure. The plot centers around his life as a professional hacker, which leads to a threat made against his sister and her children. He is adamant to gain revenge and protect his family. Aw, isn’t that cute? He’s a family guy! And, he also knows how to hack, race, shoot, and kill. You have to love these talented ones. His looks is pretty cool and there are a lot of wardrobe choices in this game. Now, the man is quite troubled and can’t see to get his life together, but he still puts up a rational front that keeps the player wanting to see where his decisions will lead. He definitely is one of the better leads out there in the gaming industry.

The city is your weapon.

It’s not everyday you get to really interact with everyone and everything around you; this game is really good for that. As seen with other iconic titles from this studio, maps and expanses is something that definitely makes a game these days. The city of Chicago is brought to life in this title, and one of the impressive things to get behind here is how HUGE the map is and the fact that the player can seamlessly navigate from one end of the city to the other without any load breaks! This is quite similar to Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V map, but there is one vital difference: you happen to be a hacker.¬†Hacking cellphones,ATM machines, and cars are some of the easy feats in the game, but what makes the game really shine is the player’s ability to hack street lights, sewage pipes, road blocks, city bridges, and more! A lot of these tricks are quite useful for outrunning your enemies and the authorities. I have to say, it’s a unique player experience.

You choose how business gets done.

One of the cool things about this game is that even though the story-mode runs on missions, the player has a boat-load of options. The pace you develop your skills and attributes at is, more or less, entirely up to you. The game is jam-packed with many side missions and quests to fulfill if you choose to, and these activities help build your character. Similar to what Sucker Punch did with inFAMOUS, this title also has a karma-like system where your public actions impact your reputation. This plays a part in how you get spotted and reported to the authorities. Probably the most interesting aspect of the open concept is how you approach the missions… you can enter the building how you choose to and, in some cases, be very sneaky and stealthy, or just be obnoxious and loud (we’re all different people!). Although you don’t necessarily get to choose how the events will turn out, you can most definitely try to accomplish certain goals and task and take your damn time doing so.

You’re more than just a hacker.

It’s true that probably the biggest selling point for this game was the concept of hacking and being able to control the entire environment. I think this is definitely what had me anticipating this game since last year because it’s simply different. While hacking is the biggest premise here (between hacking network towers, cameras, computers, PEOPLE, etc…), the player gets the best of a lot of different worlds. I think this game had more care chases than a racing game; no, that’s not entirely a joke. You do a lot of driving in this game and a lot of escaping! Another big aspect is combat. I was surprised at how much murder and gun play really came out in the game, but not disappointed. All of these things did not allow for a single dull moment and, literally, makes this game action-packed.

There is no holding back in this game.

If there is one thing that I know about gamer geeks and nerds, they love their ‘Rated M’ titles and want the real deal. What you see is what you get here. The violence is not exactly what I’m talking about, but there are some liberties that were taken in this story that I did not really see coming. One common theme is death, and death of CLOSE inner characters; no one character seems to be safe in this game, young or old. I feel this adds to the general realism behind the story, which focuses on cyber warfare. Another theme that I didn’t see coming? The rough sex. There is a part of the game where the player must hack through a series of cameras that move up a gangster hideout base… There are some rough BJs and doggy-style scenes going on in that building! I think this has to be a first for me. This point leads to, no surprise, some really foul language. This doesn’t really phase me to be honest, but there was really no holding back when this game was developed. The goal must have been to reflect the real harsh world out there (or that is to come) and certainly if you are the type of person that hates censorship, then this is your game.

There is probably much more to be said about this brilliant game, but I won’t take away from your playing time! The story is great, the missions are challenging, and there are loads of surprises and bonus content along the way that will keep you playing even when the story is done. I smell a big fat sequel on the way too, and quite frankly this game deserves it. Head to Ubisoft’s Purchase Page and grab your copy! Might I add, it’s really worth it if you have a next generation system, so go that route!