New Film Project

I am so very happy and proud to announce that I am officially working on a new film project! This will be the first original production for me to put out in 5 years! My previous films were all produced under the banner J-Paul District, which I have more or less phased out over the last few years due to personal reasons. It is still undecided which production company will be taking over this forthcoming film and any others to come, but the staff members are still the same, which is the most important part!

This time, the script has been written by yours truly and should make for a 5-10 minute maximum short. I can’t give away any details as the filming and production has not yet begun, but it will star myself as the lead role along with familiar faces and new ones alike. The film will mostly be a dark comedy containing great music and plenty of action scenes despite the short run time! The goal is to make this video the exciting debut for many more ambitious projects to come. Unlike in the past where the team and I had to make do with lesser means due to lack of resources, we are set to film and master this project in full high definition video and sound. Even though the length of this video won’t be massively long, there will be a lot of minor details and efforts embedded if all goes according to the grand master plan.

I’d just like to say that this project is definitely going to be top secret, so there won’t be any trailers or promos associated with it, unlike past projects. For the people who are not aware I come from a film background (which is everyone in my current daily life…), I was this to be an ‘out-of-the-blue’ experience. Really, the release date will be the first time any information is given. In other words, SURPRISE! The release date is still pending, but I am hoping for April or May latest. Wish the team and I much luck!

J-Paul District began as a result of small film projects for the classroom, but later became a personal hobby for my friends and I. We all had different talents to bring to the screen and it worked out well for us with a solid fan-base and a few private screenings a long the way. Alcoholic Nightmare (2006) was one of the big impressions we made by doing a full-scale musical in a short period of time. We then, as a result, dabbled in radio and audio recordings for a bit before coming back with Scat Town, a purely original olden-mystery story by Duvaughn Martin.

In 2005 a new era of film had begun for J-Paul District, which finally manifested in 2007’s ‘fan-made’ series Sailor Moon UNIVERSE. It entailed a much larger staff of writers, editors, and actors, and lasted for a couple of years (including the take-over of Universal E. Enterprise). Eventually, it became to difficult to continue the series and keep up with the demands. Although not being original, we had added our own story, own vocal cast, and own animation in many places, as well as manipulating a lot of the original animation from the Anime series. On the one side of things, it is good this project ended seeing as though TOEI Animation slowly started making an appearance with the celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Sailor Moon. The purpose of the ‘SMU‘ project was to continue the legacy of what we staff had thought was a GREAT show, but now that responsibility falls onto the original creators of the masterpiece! A new Anime is slated for release this July 2014.

The final project that should have been released, The Duchess of Rasshire (2008), never saw the light of day. Although majority of the project was filmed, the planning and technology for this production did not work out well for the editing process. A trailer was released, but not based on final scenes–only edited segments that looked good enough. This project would have marked the first 100% original production from J-Paul District with a music score designed just for the film, unlike previous projects where the music was borrowed from Sony Music and Columbia Music (to name a few).

By 2010, all productions halted and no new work was released. Sequels were already written for Alcoholic Nightmare 2 and Scat Town 2, but the lack of returning cast and time conflicts buried said scripts away. At the moment, the hope is that all older movies will be re-edited into better quality and then re-released again, or even re-produced with better technology. Ideally, J-Paul District will live on under a new banner.

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