[NOTE: This review was drafted back months ago so I do apologize for the delay...]

Holy crap… it has been A-G-E-S since my last post and now it’s just getting shameful. Anyway, I’m here to make it up by giving a stellar review of yet another amazing title to hit the gaming industry: Destiny. Anyone who owns a PS4 will be able to tell you that since its conception, this game was what defined the system as being ‘Next Generation’. Although it took some time for this game to finally release, I must say it was well worth the wait. A guy at work has been asking me to borrow the game, to which my response was this: “Listen, you BETTER get your ass out there and buy it yourself because you will NOT regret a penny spent and the developers deserve every said penny.” I stand by this statement, and here are the reasons why you should as well:

The landscapes you’ll get lost in.

This is no exaggeration… you CAN actually get a bit lost if you venture into every nook and cranny of Destiny! The game’s primary settings include a futuristic post-war Earth, Moon, Venus, Mar, and a special ‘Edge of the Universe’ setting too. Space travel is a big staple in this game, making it possible to roam freely on any of the above mentioned surfaces. What’s cool about this is the freedom factor in the game that allows you to play EITHER missions or simply farm the expanses for experience points. It is quite interesting to see the kinds of interpretations the designers had in mind for Venus (seeing as though this is the place we know the least about). Mars is dusty red and the Moon has craters, but in Destiny there are many abandoned buildings and advanced techs on each planet that give insight into how civilizations would have been built beyond the stars.

Cutting edge gameplay.

What killed me the most about Destiny was how much the game relied on its connection to Activision host servers and the fact that the entire game is based online, EVEN THOUGH IT DOESN’T LOOK LIKE IT! Although there may be times that gameplay isn’t possible due to server outages, essentially this game is built on the concept of networking and web interaction. All of the missions you play by yourself are actually generated in sync with PlayStation Network so that you will actually run into other users in the world playing the mission in your space too! This, to me, is quite interesting because it’s a little like this: the missions are scheduled online and when you play your story, you are playing according to a slot available to you so you’ll see anyone else playing the same time as you. Of course, the developers were smart enough to know to leave you be during boss missions and important scenes, but it’s awesome to know that you might randomly get a helping hand during shootouts! This game embodies what next generation is because there are no lags and loading screens, and the graphics are pristine during gameplay and movie sequences. What more can one ask for?

A shooter to end all shooters.

I’ve always sucked balls when it comes to first-person shooting games… I’m just not that good with aim and tactics! I’ve been getting used to it, though, because all of the titles I seem to pick up incorporate some form of shooting and weaponry. Destiny is disgustingly similar to the Halo series (most people will say that) in the armor, rifles, and even the enemy types,; YET, if you ask me, it’s like an upgraded version of the series because the possibilities are endless. Destiny employs a wide array of helmet, body, arm, and leg armor that can be upgraded throughout the game. What does that mean? That there are even more guns and heavy guns to choose from. I LOVE this about Destiny because there is a weapon for every person with a variety of magazines and rates of fire to master every mission. Unlike other games that can leave you stranded on levels because you’re starving for ammo, Desitny’s open concept allows the player to farm for ammunition at any point of battle.

A fair and wide array of challenges.

One of the biggest turn-offs for me in videogames is when the developers seem to expect that all gamers will love impossible missions and puzzles. I’ve touched on this before, but not all game consumers are nerds or experts! THANKFULLY, Activision planned out the most perfect game I’ve ever played in this regard… There was no challenge that was too hard to beat or had to be repeated a million times, and yet, the game possessed great missions and objectives that were far from easy. I adore the wide array of enemies to fight in this game; the Fallen remind me a lot of Halo enemies, while the Hive seems a little bit more like Dead Space (which still gives me nightmares). Then we get to the more challenging Vex that kind of put on the robot wars, and finally the Cabal who just kick a lot of ass with brute force. Of course, each species type has bigger bosses that provide a greater challenge and endless rampages, but God bless checkpoints. As I mentioned before, aside from the Story missions you can go on Patrol missions where you collect and accomplish bounties that level you up and give great rewards. There is also the Crucible side of the game to get into big fights that do not disappoint and the Strike missions that involve some great teamwork skills from you and your fellow players. Literally, there is not a dull moment to be had in this game.

You’re your own player.

Perhaps the most advanced aspect of Destiny is our ability to create our own very custom avatar. Choose a species and then choose the look, basically; you get to choose from Titans, Warlocks, or Hunters. On an aside, can I tell you HOW sexy my Warlock is? I wish I had a great enough screen capture to share, but just imagine a brown skin, white-haired God… oh wait, that exists! I’m so funny. Anyway, can you imagine your avatar gets generated seamlessly into the gameplay and cutscenes as if Activision had spent years fleshing out the details of YOUR character? Yeah. There is something to be admired about the player getting to play as their best representation, and to also replay the game as a different species each time. While you don’t really control the storyline, there is a little robotic sidekick known as your Ghost that you get to take you through each adventure and that relationship strengthens throughout the story. The bottom-line is that you’re not alone; the little guy is looking out for you too! The level of freedom you get to build your own character and add to the machines your character will use is just so unique these days, and Destiny permits this so effortlessly.

There are probably a million more in-depth reasons to purchase Destiny, but there are just a few things that I could think of that really makes it stand out. I did manage to finish the game a while back and I really enjoyed every second of it. I usually have one or two things to complain about, but I must say this… Destiny is perfect. I love it so much and it lives up to the next generation category. With all of this being said, take my word for it and head over to Destiny’s Website to pick your version and find out where to buy it! See the Official Trailer below.