Podcast In The Pod

Hello everyone! Recently I had the pleasure of guest-starring on my colleagues’ original web-series, Podcast In The Pod. The episodes are getting better and better each time, so I thought I would promote this a little and share what our crazy work-life is like.

While I cannot take credit for coming up with this ingenious idea, I can say that it was a great concept from the start and I’m glad to have witnessed it. We work on an open-floor type of environment, but are separated into these ‘pods’ of four that are similar to shareable cubicles. Saturdays tend to be very relaxing at the office because there are no bosses and execs around, so anything goes in between the work. This gave birth to some really crazy debate topics that would take place in the pod where I used to sit. At first these political discussions were just for fun, but then my brilliant colleague Thuv decided to record these sessions for the record.

In early 2018, Thuv started his website/blog The CHIP Lifestyle, which contains his travel journeys, food reviews, sneaker/fashion diaries, entertainment summaries, and so on… If anyone knows how hard it is to go to school, work, and maintain a website, it is yours truly and I have been failing since time. Kudos to Thuv for keeping up with regular posts and doing what he does best. I definitely recommend giving him a follow and indulging in the wide variety of content he has to offer!

Without further delay, check out the link below to listen to my episode of Podcast In The Pod. Here is the synopsis:

This episode is a heated one for sure, and that’s not just because this whole debate was revolving around curry.

A couple of episodes ago while recording, a former guest and supporter of the show, Andrew D. was interrupting us with a poster. On the poster, it said “chicken curry”. I inquired further about why he wrote that and why interrupt our recording.

Andrew advised that a couple weeks prior, he got into a heated argument with Sparkle & Brandon. The debate was about whether or not you say “chicken curry” or “curried/curry chicken”. I later found out that this passionate debate has been going for years and the two parties that often argue against each other are the Guyanese and Trinidadians.

Therefore, we decided maybe we can settle it once and for all. We had Sean join us and had an impromptu special guest from Sam to also participate in the debate.  Listen below to see how it unfolded!