New Day, New Site

Hello digital world! After almost one year, I’m back. You know what that means? EPIC FAIL. Yes. I promised more updates and posts since then, but clearly that did not happen. As usual, the woes of life (mostly work and misery) have ensued on a regular basis and this site has been neglected. However, recently I bought a new laptop (the BEAUTIFUL Microsoft Surface Laptop) and it really inspired me to get back into technical hobbies. I was actually just trying to update the copyright information for the site when I apparently nuked the entire design and had to take it offline. This, it turns out, was a really good thing because it lead to me redesigning the entire site with a new colour scheme and theme. I decided to go with my favourite colour (PURPLE!) and I absolutely love the new result.

The new layout, along with a slew of server optimization and plugin upgrades have greatly improved this space and I really do hope to start getting back into the rhythm of posting. Maybe not as much lengthy contest (yeah right, liar…), but definitely some interesting pieces here and there. One new thing I want to introduce is a travel category as I’ve recently started exploring and I would love to share my experiences. I will also be working on more reviews to allow for new media content.

I will try my best this year to continue the trend of posting new things. Wish me luck!