Time To Refresh!

It is absolutely unforgivable that I have not posted since 2015; it’s the middle of 2017 now! Where on Earth does the time go? In all honesty, a lot has changed from then until now, but I won’t waste time going over excuses. Instead, I’m going to dive into some much-needed news that will refresh everything!

I’ve officially re-branded this blog as the complete website for Shiaedoeu.com. I realized the other day that I’ve had a website template pending since 2012, which is not only severely outdated at this point, but it was never fully developed. I know I will never find the correct amount of time to design, code, and maintain a manual website, so I decided to revamp this blog as my new homepage. That being said, I went through each page/post and updated all links accordingly, so everything should be working just fine with the new site address. I also made some minor design changes to give the site a better feel.

In other news, I had to temporarily turn off registration due to the site being overrun by spam users. While, yes, the site does have anti-spam filters and plugins in effect, something is definitely wrong and I will be looking into fixing the issue. I’ve moderated all spam comments and purged all of the fake users, so in case any posts or profiles that belonged to someone real have gone missing, I do apologize and I will try my best to get this under control.

Lastly, I have many pending posts that have been in the works over the last two years, so I will look into finishing those. This includes a slew of game and show Reviews. I will also be adding more Music to the site and building up the Stream Center. On the topic of posts, I have added one more shareable options to each page; you can now quick-share posts straight into WhatsApp if you are browsing the mobile site through your phone.

There is definitely a lot going on for me career-wise right now, but I won’t let that stop me from posting every now and again. As always, I do hope this site is a great showcase of my opinion, works, and talent. If you have any thoughts to share, don’t hesitate to Contact Me. Otherwise, full speed ahead!