Optimization Time

Over the last week I’ve been conducting a couple of noteworthy updates seeing as though I have had the time on my hands. I’ve scarcely made any major announcements over the last year so I figured I should mention some things right about now. Here goes!

Server Upgrades

I totally took for granted that I’ve had this site for YEARS, and in that time I have barely explored the settings and options available to me. This week I reviewed everything and have started optimizing the site. In light of the fact that I still haven’t developed a fully functional homepage, I’ve directed Shiaedoeu.com to this blog and will continue to use this blog as the main index of my site for now. I found I was behind several versions of PHP, so I took the time to upgrade that in order to improve the functionality of these posts. While I was at it, I took a look at WordPress‘ development tools and I have since implemented some upgrades there as well. Recently I debuted audio playlists as an option on this blog, but I’ve also installed a download manager so I can share files as needed in the future. Also, I’ve been able to raise the the allotted memory and disk space given to this blog, which leads to the next point…

Media Refreshment

I spent the last few days taking every piece of video and audio down from this blog and re-encoding them into higher quality versions. I was previously limited to a certain margin of quality, but when I was performing the upgrades I was able to lift these limitations. I’m very happy about this because the video and audio quality is definitely much better. I must forewarn that because my videos are all in full HD format and the audio has been upsized, the load times for all streaming media will be a bit slower. Hang in there, the links aren’t broken, it just takes some time to preload the content. Unfortunately at this time, video playback is still not supported using Internet Explorer. I will work on this in the coming weeks.

Stream Center

The Stream Center is finally now open. It took me a while to decide how I would implement this; the original plan was to create a subdomain stream site from scratch, but the coding work is too much for me. Besides, WordPress has so many possibilities that I am quite pleased to keep everything here under one roof. This static page will be updated to contain all media in one place for quick access and serve as an index.

Future Plans

Right now my personal life is allowing me much free time to work on many things, so as long as that lasts I want to dive into making more posts about a variety of different topics and genres. Look out for added categories and pages over the next little while. As mentioned above, I am trying my best to bring cross-browser compatibility to the table, so I will try to get all streamed content to function in Internet Explorer very soon. I am also adding a few extensions and plugins that might offer a variety of new services, such as the download manager I mentioned before.

That’s it! Please bare with me as I make this place better and better. I am but a lone soldier in this empty world!